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Keeping Your Oven Clean

The oven. Our culinary companion, capable of transforming humble ingredients into masterpieces of flavor. But let's be honest, it can also become a battleground against stubborn grease and baked-on grime. Fear not, fellow foodies! With a few simple strategies, you can keep your oven sparkling like a freshly-risen souffle, and spend less time scrubbing and more time savoring.

** We recommend checking with the manufacturer of your unit and the owners manual before implementing any of the below suggestions.

Prevention is Key:

  • Embrace the liner: Line your oven floor with reusable or disposable oven liners. This catches drips and splatters, making post-meal cleanup a breeze. Just remember to replace them regularly! Additionally, the liner is not compatible with all ovens, such as gas or units with hidden bake element. Please check with the manufacturer of your unit before using an oven liner.

  • Befriend foil: Cover baking trays with foil to contain overflow and prevent rogue crumbs from becoming permanent residents. Bonus points for using eco-friendly aluminum foil alternatives! Also, check with the manufacturer of your unit before using aluminum foil.

  • Clean as you go: Wipe up spills and splatters while the oven is still warm. A damp cloth or sponge can tackle most messes before they harden into battle scars.

The Art of the Deep Clean:

  • Harness the power of steam: Place a heat-resistant bowl of water in the oven and preheat for 15-20 minutes. The steam loosens grime and grease, making them easier to wipe away. Just be careful not to burn yourself on the hot bowl!

  • Baking soda bonanza: Create a paste with baking soda and water, and spread it on greasy areas. Let it sit for 30 minutes to an hour, then scrub gently with a sponge. Baking soda is a natural deodorizer and gentle abrasive, making it your weapon of choice against oven nasties.

  • Vinegar's tangy triumph: For stubborn stains, spray a mixture of equal parts white vinegar and water. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes, then wipe clean. The acidity cuts through grease like a culinary knight.

Remember the Unsung Heroes:

  • Don't forget the racks: Remove your oven racks and soak them in warm, soapy water while you tackle the interior. You can even add some baking soda or vinegar for extra cleaning power.

  • Tame the door: The glass door can become a fingerprint and grime magnet. Wipe it down with a microfiber cloth and a vinegar-water solution for a streak-free shine.

Bonus Tip: Invest in a good pair of oven mitts! They'll protect your precious hands from burns while you wield your cleaning tools.

With these tips and a little elbow grease, you can banish oven grime and keep your culinary haven sparkling. So fire up the oven, whip up a feast, and bask in the glory of a clean kitchen!

Remember, a clean oven is a happy oven, and a happy oven means more delicious culinary adventures await!

** We recommend checking with the manufacturer of your unit and the owners manual before implementing any of the above suggestions.



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