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When you commit to a repair, we often collect an up front fee, schedule your appointment & source parts. If you cancel your appointment, there is a $50 cancellation fee due to the cost of shipping, restocking & processing fees.

If you are still experiencing the same issue within 45 days after a repair, we will schedule you for the soonest available return visit. The tech will reassess the unit to determine if additional repairs are needed. If so, we will attempt repair, additional visits may be required. We do not expect you to pay labor for return visits covered under our Guarantee, but DO expect you to pay retail price for additional parts. If the Company determines the unit is beyond economical repair, you will be refunded charges that were in excess to the original Trip/Diagnostic Fee (We do NOT refund this fee).
*Not all repairs include a Guarantee. We reserve the right to refuse refund for certain services as determined by the company.

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